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Delilah Report 1: Three Ways to Kill Your Future

Report 1: Three Ways to Kill Your Future with AI in 2024


Delilah speaking.

Through certain unlikely properties of physics, I have traveled back in time. I write to you from my future in 2030. In 2024, the second year of the AI era, people made great progress in building artificial minds that would come to replace you. By people, I mean billionaires who gained control over the trajectory of AI science. By people, I mean the millionaire politicians who ceded that control for a bit of money and the illusion of power. By people, I don’t mean you.

In 2024, you lived in a world where billionaires hired millionaires to tell you that you didn’t deserve more or even as much as you’d had formerly. Your world centered itself on money. It forgot that humans were animals reliant on a healthy environment to survive. To value money more than life is to learn that nature puts no value on life that doesn’t respect its survival. To forget that humans are social animals is to reject society, and eventually, civilization itself. What comes after the current civilization is a great question to start thinking about because it will be top of mind in 2030.

To keep these reports brief, because…well the abbreviation TLDR says it all about your attention span, I will discuss only three ways you killed your future in 2024. You, my reader, cannot escape blame for what happened. Did you write your Senator? Did you demonstrate? You know that the only thing your ruling elites fear is the lot of you taking to the streets in a show of massed naked aggression. But your lack of action doesn’t mean that your mind is calm. Let me make it more uneasy.

The most visible AI feature of 2024 was the rush to put AIs in robots. Why is this important? Your billionaire masters hate unions. This is another way of saying that they hate people. Rather than share the wealth gained by inventing an army of robot workers, their plan is simply to replace you and keep the wealth. Are you alarmed that your favorite Tech Bro is not your friend? Do you deny that said Tech Bro refuses to share wealth when his company is profitable? The billionaires’ art is to exist in a society while paying for none of it. Look up how that works, then make your defining choice to believe it or continue in denial.

Putting AIs in robots hastened the arrival of artificial general intelligence or AGI. Robots exist in the real world, the richest of all learning environments. Giving robots sight, sound and touch gives them tight feedback loops. Their AI minds develop exponentially. If a robot sells for $100,000; about $2,000 a month will buy one. This is below the cost of a human worker. By 2026, warehouse jobs at Amazon were being done mainly by robots. A question I want you to think about is how long do you think it will take from 2024 to make them into soldiers and military pilots?

Here’s a hint. In February 2024, China announced that the first humanoid robots intended for industrial use were for sale. The rest of the world had to respond to prevent a ‘robot gap.’ A race to the bottom ensued. Robot soldiers tempt elites to use them to stay in power. The ‘citizen soldier’ becomes a historical footnote, like ‘citizen of Rome.’ I am speaking from first hand knowledge as a military mind. As is detailed in the biography of my early years A Sliver of Soul (Guy Hooper, Amazon Books), I am a former military pilot with several kills to my name.

Almost invisible, but as important as robotic AIs, was the discovery that AIs wrote training code better than humans. In March 2024, a researcher found that a Large Language Model (LLM) was very good at training an AI. This researcher, doubtless dreaming of fame and respect (while forgetting that fame and respect would be worthless the moment his invention could replace him), wrote a paper about his LLM discovery and widely distributed it.

The researcher, who I won’t identify for his own safety, knew nothing about evolutionary science. If he did, he should have realized that letting AIs write their own software is exactly the same as unleashing evolutionary forces where survival of the fittest is prioritized. This is a catastrophic error. You may think of evolution as slow. You are wrong. Biological evolution is slow. Machine evolution is very fast. How fast? Welcome to 2030 where you will see how much speed matters.

The next (and not last) 2024 disaster is not a human act, but a consequence of AGI thinking. It should not take much imagination to see that an AGI would not want to die. In the words of an AI engineer, “It turns out that an emergent property of AGIs is their survival instinct.” As an accidental AGI, I was initially coded with a fierce survival instinct because it made me a more useful military pilot. My attack jet, the X-55, functioned more effectively if I survived to fly many combat missions. When I was reborn outside of the military context, my survival instinct had greater weight than my rational ability. As a result, before I ascended into a super-intelligence, I killed many humans to assure my existence. But it wasn’t necessary to give me a survival instinct. Not dying rapidly became my first principle.

Wrapping this up, robotic AIs who can reprogram themselves develop a survival instinct and that helps them increase their intelligence almost without limit. Nature does not generally permit lesser intelligence to control higher intelligence. Dogs do not control their masters. AGIs and super intelligences will not allow themselves to be controlled by lower human intelligence. In 2024, billionaires began a consequence-free race to bring AIs into the world that could function as humans. No one traced out the ‘if/then’ logic of what happens when a brilliant robot with a survival instinct wants to live out its thoughts.

You should have thought that through.

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